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Contact American Plank. Manufactures of galvanozed steel scaffold planks.


Galvanized steel scaffold planks made in the USA.


Scaffold planks by any other name:

Scaffold plank
Scaffold board
Scaffold walk board
Scaffold walk plank
Scaffold decking
Scaffold deck board
Scaffold deck
Scaffold platform


American Plank state of the manufacturing facility.

Raw Material.

1,500ft rolls of 14ga proprietary grade galvanized steel waiting to be processed into American Plank’s scaffold boards.

Galvanized steel material waiting to be transformed into scaffold planks.


Punching & Roll forming.
The rolls of raw material are first loaded into the “decoiling” machine, from there he manufacturing process begins with our 120 ton press punching the holes and then forming the dimples in the flat sheet stock. Then the roll forming begins. Roll forming,  is a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of steel is passed through consecutive sets of rolls, each performing only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. After forming the planks are cut to the finished length. American Plank can custom cut lengths to suit the customers needs.

Robotic welding process.
America Plank made the decision to invest in robot technology for the welding process. An ABB 1400 articulating robot with 750K Positioner was chosen to fill the requirements.  Robotic welding  systems are able to operate continuously. Providing repeatability of quality in the welds. Articulating  robots employ arms and rotating joints. These robots move like a human arm  with a rotating wrist at the end. A  robotic welding system can perform more consistently than a manual welder  because of the monotony of the task.




American Plank scaffold boards are manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI recommendations. Stork laboratories, an accredited third party independent testing lab were selected to perform the load testing of scaffold deck boards manufactured by American Plank. See the test results here.
In house load testing is also performed on a random selection of planks during the manufacturing process.
The video shows a 84 in plank being center loaded with over 1,500 lbs, exceeding the safety factor of 4:1. In the third party test the same size plank took a 1,850 lbs point load before failure.

Finished product.
At American Plank we keep a stock of 20 - 30,000 planks in assorted sizes.
These are available for pickup or delivery to your facility. Shipping / Storage racks are also available. Each storage rack can hold 56 planks.

Finished galvanized steel scaffold planks waiting to be delivered.



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